Ellsbury deal anything but a steal

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 3:25pm by Tyler Scionti

Whenever you have Scott Boras as a agent, it is safe to say that it’s great for the client and usually very bad for the team.

Well Jacoby Ellsbury has him as his agent, known in some baseball annals as “baseballs most hated man.”

Boras laid out that his client is looking for a deal around $142 Million dollars. The speedy outfielder declined the Red Sox $14.1 million tender and will likely take his 52 stolen bases this year for a run around the free agent market. While I am not comparing Ellsbury to a deal that similarly rivals Carl Crawford, who received a seven year, $142 million dollar deal before tanking with the team, you can’t ignore the fact that, that is a lot of money to give a outfielder who could be a collision away from counting his money on the disabled list. From swiping a base to his renegade outfield play, it might be risky to give him that much money.

Fear not Sox fans, the Red Sox might have a ready replacement in Jackie Bradley Jr. should the contract Jacoby is asking for might not live up to the value wanted by Red Sox management. That however remains to be seen, but it would seem shocking for the team to pay up.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Boras is all about the big contract, just look at his history: the notorious agent inked Alex Rodriguez to a 10 year, $252 million deal and Prince Fielder to a nine year deal worth $214 million. Let’s not forget Boston Fans Boras sharked around a deal with Theo Epstein and J.D. Drew, who took in a five year deal worth $70 Million dollars.

Drew batted .264 in his time with Boston and his splits were all lower across the board as he proved to be a major disappointment.

That is Scot Boras though, and some perspective you can’t blame him for doing what is best for his client. After all, it is his job.  He is not in the game to exchange Christmas cards with team management, he is in the game to make money for his players and ultimately himself.

That being said, don’t expect Ben Cherington to be manipulated by Boras. The only thing he might be sending Boras is coal and Ellsbury a pink slip to go run somewhere else.