Dombrowski may have hands tied with $$ owed by Sox

Posted on Nov 1 2015 - 4:53pm by Tyler Scionti


Ahh the end of the season, the time to dream big and hope that somehow the geniuses in the front office can pull off the deal of the century.

After such a dismal season I think I can speak for the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in Red Sox Nation who are hoping and praying that this offseason will be different. Last winter the Sox coughed up a pretty penny to bring in some overhyped and overpaid talent while skimping on their pitching. Now Sox fans are clamoring to Yawkey Way, warning them to not be cheap on us this time.

Well, thanks to a lack of frugality from Ben Cherington we may be in a bind.

Though the Sox unloaded some contracts in season, there is still quite a bit of money still tied up. In fact the Sox are running on a payroll of $150 million right now, and guess what, a HUGE chunk of that goes to our three worst players. That’s right, just shy of $60 million will be paid to Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, and Rick Porcello in 2016–money that could, and should, be better spent on a player who, oh I don’t know, can help the team.

Where does that leave us?


We’ve been saying it like a broken record, the Sox very well likely will trade for the remaining pieces to their puzzle, which gives them the chance to unload one of those three stooges as well. Signing a $20 million/year ace to a six year deal is unlikely, trading for one though and signing a solid #2 could happen. Next the Sox will need a few solid arms for the bullpen and bada bing, bada boom, there ya go.

Unlike his predecessors Dave4 Dombrowski is not afraid of a little flash and getting things done. The Sox are in a bind right now, so we’ll just have to see if he truly is the man for the job and has what it takes to put on his big boy pants and ink a deal.