Are you a Sox fan? And more importantly do you have BIG opinions on the Sox that you want to share?

If that’s the case then you might make a great fit for our team at The Monstah Mash. At Monstah Mash we don’t just bring readers the latest in Sox news, we do it in with a sense of style and humor found no where else. Our team is looking to expand as we reach new readers with each passing month, so what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Staff Writer

Writers are the backbone of the site, without their hard work and dedication day in and day out we would not be able to reach our thousands of fans to meet their content demands! Writers must posses a basic knowledge of baseball and the Sox while being able to write pithy, analytical, and entertaining pieces for our readers.

Pickup 1-2 shifts/week (4-8hrs/week) to work directly with one of our editors. During each shift you will be given a writing assignment to work on and post at some point during your allotted time slot. All work will be published under your name and available to be put in your portfolio for future reference.

Staff Editor

While writers are the backbone, editors are the heart of the site. Our editors tirelessly scour the web for the hottest news while coming up with our unique and analytical pieces on the fly. To work as an editor at Monstah Mash WordPress experience is a plus while writing and editing experience is a must.

Pickup 2 minimum of shifts per week (8hrs/week) to manage new writers, give out daily writing assignments, edit for tone/grammar, publish, and post to social media. Editors will start out as a writer for a two week training period to become acclimated to the web site and then they are given free reign. Experience in sports writing and a working knowledge of WordPress is desired.

Social Media Intern

Do you want to reach over 1000 fans daily? Then a spot as our social media intern is the place for you! At Monstah Mash we interact with our readers daily via Facebook and Twitter to bring them our latest articles along with unique insight and interaction along with live game tweets. It’s an opportunity to be the mouthpiece of the site while engaging the best fans in baseball!

Requirements are to work two days a week minimum to run our Twitter and Facebook. Duties include linking articles multiple times, engaging with fan comments, and live tweeting on game days.

How to Apply

Applying is simple, all you have to do is email us a resume and two writing samples (writer/editor only) to apply and we will get back to you shortly! Email us at and we will review your applications and schedule an interview.

For questions email us at