Buchholz responds to “picture-gate” photo leak

Posted on Feb 25 2015 - 8:04pm by Tyler Scionti

Hey remember when pics of Clay Buchholz’s wife surfaced on the web in an IPhone hack which mysteriously enough showed Mike Napoli with a faceless blonde?

No? Then refresh your memory.

Well with nothing better to do (like improve his pitching) Buch opened up to the media about the strange series of events surrounding the hack.

“It was crazy, It is what it is,” Buchholz said. “It was one of those things, if we could have prosecuted, we would have prosecuted. But as far as the laws go, I think it was done in the Netherlands and they have fence around them where you can’€™t do anything. We had lawyers look into it.

It was pretty shocking. It was one of those things. There’€™s always looking to get somebody. It just happened to be me. There were multiple other people that it happened to, obviously. Seriously, it took five days and we really didn’€™t hear about it anymore.”

It was weird that’s for sure, and thanks to millions of horny teenagers with an internet connection the pictures and story spread like wildfire the day of the break. Fortunately the incident was contained and put under wraps as it seems that most everyone has forgotten all about it. You can bet Buchholz and his wife will be much more careful now, especially with the multitude of ICloud hacks pretty much ruining a few celebrities lives.