Boston thinking of banning Duckboats

Posted on May 4 2016 - 8:23am by Tyler Scionti


It was just another day when tragedy struck.

In case you’ve not followed the Boston news, a 28 year old woman riding a scooter was struck by a Duck Boat near the Commons, and once again the WWII era vehicles are being put under inspection.

Jerry Thorton of WEEI argues that widespread banning of Duck Boats is ridiculous and a rash decision. And while I personally stand against the banning of this, that, and everything in between, you can’t ignore the fact that these vehicles aren’t exactly safe, or at the least aren’t handled safely enough.

A woman died after all, and as a biker in Boston whenever I see a Duck Boat passing through even I get a big nervous knowing that the driver literally has no way of seeing me. Part of that is on me to be aware and not get close, but in a congested city like Boston, do these massive vehicles belong on the road?

It’s up for debate now, and thankfully is not my call.

As a counterpoint to the safety issue, busses share the road, as do trucks, so while the well known blindspots on a Duck Boat raise eyebrows, it’s not uncommon for a large vehicle to pass through the city of Boston. But then news on the driver’s sh*tty record came out which is an entirely different story and falls more on him rather than the boats themselves.

The boats are as classically Boston as the Sox or clam chowdah, but having morons who can’t drive slug them through the city is just asking for trouble.

While I LOVE the Duck Boat parade after a World Series win, they can be a pain in the a$$ when you’re trying to get to work, or just get around the city. While an outright ban would bite, maybe cutting back on them a bit (rather than having a million of the tramp around the city in rush hour) and being more stringent with the criteria for the operators is a solid compromise.