Boston residents surprised by all the tall buildings

Posted on Jan 10 2016 - 11:53am by Tyler Scionti


When I read this on (because who knows where the copies of the Globe are, they could still be held hostage at some distribution center) I laughed out loud.

Residents of Boston, a growing city, are surprised–no, make that outraged–that “tall buildings” are being built around their homes and offices and blocking out their scenic views. Say goodbye to that perfect view of the Charles because now building companies have the audacity to build these horrifically tall buildings blocking our perfect views. chokes back tears. 

Here is a choice sampling of some of the fine commentary from the article:

“They took my sky,” said one outraged citizen when she no longer had a picture-perfect view of Fenway Park.

“It is what it is,” said another as a condo building went up nearby. “But it killed us.”

Seriously, could this BE any more of a first world problems meme?

How dare the construction companies build the city of Boston, and how dare other people move in and require housing. I pay $1,200 a month damn it and if I want a Norman Rockwell painting for a window I’m getting it!

Seriously the butthurt and entitlement is so strong here it hurts. You want to know what my view is? It’s a crummy first-floor apartment view in Cambridge where I get to see the street or the patio out back I share with five million other people and more than a few rats/racoons. Yeah real scenic.

If you want picture-perfect views then move to Iowa, you live in a city that will continue to grow and build upwards so if progress and development are things that frighten you DON’T LIVE IN A CITY!