Boston resident reaches new level of weird

Posted on Dec 17 2015 - 9:14am by Tyler Scionti


I don’t even know what to say to this?

Like is this funny? Is it disturbing? Is it both?

I was browsing reddit and came across this post of an ad a guy posted on craigslist to pose as a “living elf on the shelf” where he will literally dress as an elf and sit on a mantle or wherever you place him. Here’s the kicker though, he advertises to work events and promises to “stare blankly at your guests” for the entire night.

Here’s the lovely post in its entirety (you can check the source here).

For $100/hour I will come to your holiday party dressed as the Elf on the Shelf and sit in any location 00a0a_lxvkyDpsRFe_600x450you assign me while I stare emptily at your guests for the duration of the event.

I specialize in holiday themed events, either yours or an un-expecting friend’s, but I also offer contracted private investigation and babysitting services. Please inquire about these rates, as they are negotiable based on the task at hand.

My services have been in high demand this season, so I now require at least 48 hours notice in advance of any bookings and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

[whatever you want my name to be]

I love that he adds he needs 48hrs notice, like seriously do people actually buy this? What would you do if you walked into someone’s holiday party and saw this weird guy in tights just sitting on the mantle? I think I know what my reaction would be…


I think I need an adult. Sidenote, what if he breaks the mantle? He doesn’t look like a big guy but still you gotta wonder. And does he get to eat at these parties? What if he wants to use the bathroom? These questions need answers people!