Boston driver stopped with snow covered windshield

Posted on Dec 31 2015 - 9:13am by Tyler Scionti


If this wasn’t so stupidly reckless I’d find it funny:


Seriously, how?

Normally I’m one to poke fun at Swellesley and the brave men and women who work tirelessly to shut down illegal lemonade stands, bust high school parties, and keep kids off the grass (are those real tweets or did I make them up? you’ll never know), but this one is all on the driver because this is a special kind of stupid.

Seriously, I want to know what’s going through the guy (or gal)’s head as he scrapes off a small section of the windshield and thinks Gee that outta do it! and then goes about his day. I mean it’s almost impressively dumb, like the guy should get an award for being one of the top 10 worst drivers in Massachusetts. I mean, I know that we’re terrible drivers and all but isn’t this a bit extreme?

Congrats you magnificent moron.