About Us

It all started with a blog.

The year was 2013, I was without a summer job and had no prospects until the fall semester and the Sox were on a roll. Instead of moping around all summer I bought www.monstah-mash.com and never looked back. For a while I went it solo, I was the only one writing day in and day out and realized that if I was going to be able to do my homework and have a life then it needed to be more than just me.

So we hired one writer, which turned into two, and now we have our full team which you can view here!

From a humble one-page blog all the way to where we are today it has truly been a wild ride, and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

As time has passed the site has kept on growing bigger than I ever dreamed when I first began, and this is just the beginning. Through hard hitting analysis, humor, and our fan’s perspective I like to think that we bring the greatest things about being a Red Sox fan and Boston and bring them online. I’ve been able to connect to Sox fans across the world and bring them together in one place, make them laugh, and most important of all cover the Red Sox the way our readers deserve for them to be covered: by people who care.

Thank you for visiting our site and keep reading. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter on @MonstahMash1, follow us on Pinterest @monstahmash406 and follow us on Instagram Monstah.mash.

As always, go Sox!